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The bands are always in need of your help - it's easy, fun, and greatly appreciated! Opportunities are listed below. We typically use Google documents for our volunteer sign ups. (If you don’t have an account, please create a Google name/password to view the documents)

Google documents update in real time so once you enter your info everyone can view it. This makes it easier to track and see how many volunteers we still may need. 

We appreciate everyone’s help. Thank you for volunteering for our band program!

Feed the Band - We feed the bands at several events - especially Marching Band (see job descriptions here.) We need your help in many different ways - from cooking to serving. See the home page for sign up sheets when there is need or  Click here to sign up

Bingo - This is our biggest fundraiser and benefits all of the bands. Several people are needed each week. It's fun, easy and makes great money. Check out all of the deta​ils here.

Football Games - The Marching Band can always use your help with uniforms and equipment at the football games. You don't need to know what to do, someone will tell you. Click here to sign up.

Marching Competitions - It takes 20-30 people to get the band to a competition. If everyone could help out 1-2x  then we would all be able to watch some of them from the stands. Please consider taking a turn. Again, it's easy and we'll show you  what to do. Click here to sign up

Band Festivals - We always need a few chaperones and equipment help when we go to Festivals. Click here to sign up

Fundraising - There is always an opportunity to help raise money to support the bands. Check out the fundraising page to learn more.

Uniforms - At both marching events and band concerts, as well as some smaller activities, we want the band to not only sound great, but look great as well.  We need a few volunteers to help make sure the students look their best. There are many ways you can help with uniforms: 

                     Supervising - Assisting students to ensure that their uniforms are correctly buttoned, etc. and making sure  

                     everything gets put away for next time, 

                     Cleaning - Launder item as needed

                     Shoes and Gloves - Shining shoes and laundering gloves between 


                     Alterations -If you have sewing skills please let us know!

See the Marching Competition sign up sheet for opportunities to help during marching season -  Click here to sign up

Equipment - We move lots of percussion equipment, band instruments, uniforms, and sometimes props to many events during the year. The students spend a lot of time loading and unloading but we need parents to help make this go smoothly. We need help towing and loading/unloading trailers, and moving equipment to the stage or field. This does require some lifting.  View all of the job descriptions here.    To help out please Click here .

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