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Guard - Dance, flags, rifles, etc performed on the gym floor to music. South Lyon Winter Guard (SLWG) is competing for the first time in many years.

Percussion - "Battery" percussion (snare, bass, quad) march on the gym floor, and pit of percussion instruments play with them.

South Lyon Percussion (SLP) has a long history, but after a break they are competing for their 4th year in a row.

Often see students that are doing guard and percussion for the first time.

South Lyon combines both high schools to create South Lyon Guard, and South Lyon Percussion.

Hosting a Show

Hosting Hospitality - hosting a show is all about making the experience for the students, MCGC, and guests a great one. We want units to want to come back to our show.

Who will come to our show? We will not know numbers until 3 weeks before the show. Based on timing, we could see 25-40 units.

What will this cost us? Overall we will make money at this, mainly from ticket sales and concessions. But there are costs:

Hosting fee: $1500 (pays judges, etc)

Judges: Transportation from airport and hotels (if needed.), meals.

Awards: We buy all awards.

Misc: food, stamps, printing, signs, caution tape, paper, etc.

Show Season

  • Late January - End of March
  • Shows can see 15 - 60 units performing in one day.
  • Units bring their own tarps to put on the gym floor.
  • Each unit has a timed performance similar to marching band.
  • There are several unit classes that are used - more than marching band.
  • You only compete against those in your class.
  • Each performance is judged and scored 0-100.
  • A unit typically does 4-7 shows including state finals at Saginaw Valley.

Why Host A Show?

  • Great way to show our support to the students and the program - someone has to host the shows!
  • This is a money making activity for the booster program.

Typical Unit Show Day

8:40am Arrive at CMS

9:00am Rehearsal begins

10:40am Final Run Through

10:45am Load Trailers/Eat

11:15am Depart for Novi High School

11:45am Arrive at Novi High School

11:50am Unload trailers

12:15pm Return to home room/Change into uniform

12:55pm Move to equipment/warm up

1:11pm Warm Up Begins

1:29pm Warm Up Ends/Move to ready line

1:35pm Ready Line

1:44pm Perform!!

1:53pm Load Equipment/Return to Home Room

2:15pm Change out of uniform

2:30pm Return to gym to watch Open and World Class

3:36pm Awards--Depart for CMS following percussion awards

4:30(ish) Arrive at CMS

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