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Welcome to the 2015 Drive Event!

Pre-Registration is now closed. You do NOT have to pre-register to do this event. We still need you to come. Just come anytime between 3:30pm and 8:30pm and support the band. (Bring a friend as well!)

South Lyon High School Bands and Hines Park Ford present

Drive One 4UR School Fund Raiser

April 22nd, 2015 (3:30pm-8:30pm)

What is this?

The South Lyon Bands are registered to work with Ford Motor company and take part in their national Drive One 4UR School Fund Raiser. Ford will be bringing in new vehicles to the high school for us to test drive. We get paid by Ford to test drive their cars! It is that easy. You don't have to pay anything, just take a look at a car and go for a ride and the band makes money.

How long will it take?

We expect that the whole process will take between 20 and 30 minutes.

Should I pre-register?

Yes! Doing this will save you time on site. We will have your Drive form filled out and ready for you when you get there. We will also accept anyone that doesn't pre-register, so it is not a requirement, just a suggestion to help speed up the process.

What cars will I see there?

Expect to see 15 cars available for driving including these models: Escape, Focus, Fusion, Taurus, Edge, Flex, Explorer, F150, and Expedition.

Do I have to drive?

No. Being just a rider in the car will also count.

Bonus activity - Quick Lane Vehicle Check

You can help the band earn even more by participating in the Quick Lane Vehicle Check that will be on site at the same time as the Drive. This is FREE as well. The idea is that while you are doing the drive, a professional will be doing a multi point inspection on your car (like at an oil change place) and will leave you a report on what they find. You will pull up, pop your hood, lock up your car and go do the drive. They don't need to go into your car, or take your keys. Really easy! You will be directed on how to participate in this when you arrive.

Where will this be held?

The event will be held at the South Lyon High School. Please enter the parking lot that is off of 11 mile road.

What is the best time to come?

We expect our biggest crowds after 5pm, so coming early is a great way to avoid the crowds.

Bingo Incentive

We have an added bonus for the people that play bingo each week with the band at the VFW Hall, and anyone that would like to try out bingo. We will be giving away a meal at bingo on the nights of April 23rd, and April 30th, to any person that participates in the drive and brings a "validated" card from the drive to bingo on one of those nights. Cards will be handed out at bingo for several weeks leading up to the event, and they will be available at the event.

Will there be free food?

Yes! Free is good, right? We will have gourmet hot dogs cooked on site for you.

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