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SLP Performs in 2013

Show Planning Information


  • We have been awarded a show for Feb 13th, 2016! This is our 3rd time hosting in 3 years and we are looking forward to a great day! (Note that this will be a guard only show - no percussion this time.)

Fun Crew

Roles are now open for sign up. Please see our role descriptions where you can see the role and sign up for it.

Contest Host: Scott Yergin

Contest Co-Host: ????

Judge Hospitality: Karen Nagy

Advertising:      Jill Hamann

Awards/Sponsors:    Rachelle Brown

Concessions:    Renee Thomas

Signage: Angela Lesperance

Parking: Mike Hughes

Unit Check in/Guides/program: Tammy Lanam

Equipment inside:    Matt Abate

Volunteers: Barb Lund

Admissions:   Carol Etterman

Show Floor: Damon Arnold

Questions: eMail Scott (

Fun Crew meetings

- First meeting: 1/5/16

- Second meeting: 1/19/16

- Third meeting: ~ 2/2/16

General Show Plan

9 Weeks (12/12)

Secure Committees, registration, maps

7 Weeks (12/26)

Contact volunteer groups, award groups

Start Programs, advertising

5 Weeks (1/09)

Plan awards

Publish volunteer list

Secure judge hotel

3 Weeks (1/23)

First schedule draft

Publish volunteer list

Validate all equipment

2 Weeks (1/30)

Finalize awards/programs

Concession food

Print signs

1 Week (2/06)

Pick up MCGC trailer

Final schedule and communication

Check out Videos and MCGC info

Is this just for SLP and SWLG? No, while the groups that perform are SLP and SLWG (except in 2016 it will be just SLWG), we need help from ALL band families. Like our other fundraisers (Bingo, Apples, Supper with Santa, etc) the proceeds that we get from these events go to the overall booster budget to benefit the entire band program.

In addition, these are considered very small groups compare to the money that we can make at this event. So we need help from all.

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